Opera saves Synced data on its own servers. Two days back, Opera has made bookmark syncing available for users on the developer channel, some users raised a few questions regarding the synced data like its storage location (Google or Opera?), encryption level and other.

Since new opera is based on Chromium/Blink, which is of Google’s, it is easy for anyone to have a misconception that synced data will be stored on Google servers, that’s not true!, Opera desktop team in a blog post confirmsAll synced data is stored on Opera-controlled servers.”

Google Chrome Sync Has a Dedicated Page Now

Opera synchronizes the data to its own Servers

Regarding the encryption level, everything, including bookmarks are “encrypted in transit between client and server. However, non-login data is not stored encrypted on the servers. If we later decide to sync sensitive private data, such as passwords, we will encrypt that as well.”.

Remove Account icon used for the synchronization

If you don’t want to see account icon on the right side of the address bar, you can hide or remove it by disabling synchronization (visit this page opera://flags/#synch browser).

Fix Chrome’s ‘Oops, Sync has stopped working’ error

Note: Gray sync login account icon means, you’re not yet signed into your Opera account.