Chromium team has been working on a redesign of the extension Toolbar for some time now, with this feature, you can able to drag and drop browser action extension icons inside the Chrome menu on top and vice versa. Now what happens when you actually hide an extension icon, it will move to menu. If you want to bring it back to the toolbar, open the menu, right click on that icon and select ‘show button’.

Google Chrome 5.0 Allows Users to Rearrange and Hide Extension Icons

Enabling the Extension Toolbar redesign in Chrome

1.Make sure you’re using Chrome Canary or developer channel

2. Visit about:flags, find Enable Extension toolbar redesign flag (available for Windows, Linux and Chrome OS) and click on ‘Enable

3. Restart the browser for the changes to apply. You can’t see much of a change in the toolbar, but if you’ve any extension icons, try to drag and drop each one into the menu.

Extension icons before and after the new toolbar design

New Extension Toolbar design will be useful if you’ve a lot of Chrome extension icons, you can hide all of them in the menu.

What’s your take on this change in Chrome? Useful or not? Let us know your opinions on this in the comments.

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