Adobe Reader XI version 11.0.09 has been released and available for download with the fixes for critical vulnerabilities, Yep! This is a security update, if you’re using Adobe Reader XI you’re recommended to upgrade to this version.

How to disable or Stop armsvc.exe of Adobe Reader?

Adobe Reader XI 11.0.09, what’s new

1. ‘Sign’ pane has been renamed to ‘Fill & Sign’ and it will open automatically when the form fields are detected in a PDF document.

2. Adobe Reader start screen now shows a list of recent files and offers ‘View All’ link to see the full list, or click on ‘Open’ to see them in ‘Recent Files’ or select ‘View all Recent Files..’ option in the File menu.

Adobe Reader recent list shows 100 files

You can hover over menu on the right and set the view from ‘list’ to ‘thumbnail’ as well as sort display of files by their name and size.

This version now by default, lists up to 100 recent files, you can change this to desired number by visiting ‘Documents’ category in ‘Preferences’.

3. integrated into the Reader.

4. Hi DPI and retina support added to The Tools, Fill & Sign, and Comment panes.

5. There are other bug fixes included in this release.

Download Adobe Reader XI 11.0.09  | 72.4 MB, check this version’s release notes here.

What’s your take on the Reader update? Don’t you think it has become bloated with non-important features? Which PDF Reader do you use for your PDF needs, desktop or browser-based? Let me know in the comments.