If you were used to open a lot of tabs of same domain for research or to browse the contents in it, it would be nice if you can close all open tabs belonging to that domain more easily by right clicking on that domain tab and selecting an option, Firefox-Power-Close add-on almost lets you do the same, but in a different way.

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Close all tabs of a domain in Firefox

After installing the add-on, for instance, if you want to close all open Facebook tabs, click on its ‘Scissor’ icon at the end of the navigation toolbar and type ‘facebook.com’ and press enter, all Facebook tabs will be immediately closed.

close all tabs of a specific domain at once Firefox

You can always reopen those closed tabs one by one if you want, by using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T.

Add-on developer is planning to add a context menu entry to close all tabs from a selected tab’s domain.

Link: Firefox-Power- Close

Have you found this add-on useful? Is there any such extension exists for Chrome as well, let me know if you know any in the comments.