PDF Viewer now available in Opera 25 developer lets you view PDF documents without the need to install a third-party plugin in the browser. Gradually, Opera desktop team is integrating Chrome tools and features into their browser, to the latest, they’ve included PDF Viewer (which is based on Chromium’s PDFium) into the developer stream

Opera Developer renamed to Opera developer

Chrome PDF Viewer in Opera

To view PDF Viewer in action, after installing this update, drag and drop a PDF file from your computer into the browser address bar and press enter. Or click on a link on a page that leads to a PDF document.

PDF Viewer in Opera showing a portable document

PDF Viewer takes over and opens PDF only, when you don’t have any PDF plugin installed in browser. And Adobe PDF Viewer has the priority over this PDF Viewer. 

Opera 25 Developer Update Enables the Bookmark Manager

To disable built-in PDF Viewer in Opera

1. Visit about:plugins

2. Click on ‘Disable’ button under ‘Chrome PDF Viewer’

Revamped Network installer

Network or online installer for Windows, which Opera is offering till now has been redesigned and improved for more user interaction (check the screenshot below).

redesigned Network installer

"The download and installation is now combined into a single seamless process..In this release, a dialog appears as soon as the application is launched. If the user decides to install Opera, the rest of process continues automatically and the installation finishes with Opera opening its welcome page. We think the new UI and interaction is very nice." Mateusz Madej, a tester said in Opera desktop team blog.

This update comes with a lot of bug fixes, check the changelog here.

How to Create your Own Theme for New Opera?

To view PDF documents on the internet, do you use the native PDF Viewer offered in browsers like Firefox and Chrome? Or Will you install third-party PDF Reader on your  computer for that purpose? Share with us in the comments.