Do you read collection of web content shown by ‘Discover’ feature on the start page for various categories from Arts, Entertainment, Technology and more? An update is awaiting for you on the Opera developer stream, this update has added a new ‘Gaming‘ category to Discover. Its not yet available in all regions, but in Global, U.S, and 18 other regions.

Gaming category Opera discover

Opera Switches to 64-bit for Mac on Developer Stream, Enables H.264 Video Support

Opera 25 Developer Gamieum Update

‘Just in time for the autumn avalanche of new game releases, Opera’s Discover feature has added a Gaming category. With so many new games coming out at once, there is a fairly good chance you’ll discover a gem you might otherwise have overlooked. The new category is not yet available in all regions, but you can test it out in the U.S., Global, and a few other regions” Przemek Kudła said in Opera blog.

Opera integrates Chrome PDF Viewer into the developer Stream

This Developer version, which is based on Chromium has been updated to  38.0.2125.8.

You can download the Gamieum update and check the changelog for it from here.

What’s your take on this update? Do you actually read stories shown by Discover in Opera? Let us know in the comments.