The Opera developer channel is now on version 26 with new Bookmarks sharing feature and opera 25 is now in beta channel. Opera 25 has brought the bookmark manager, today, Opera 26 developer has added ‘Share’ button to bookmark folders. You can see the share button within bookmark folders, use Ctrl+ Shift +B shortcut to view if you’ve created any or to test it, follow the instructions given below.

Sharing bookmarks in Opera 26

1. Open the bookmark manager, click on ‘unsorted bookmarks’ and click on ‘share’ button on the right pane

2. When Share dialog pops up, type a name in it and click on ‘Share’, a link will be instantly created, which you can copy and share with your friends online.

That link will be opened in and will work for another 14 days, after that it will expire.

Share bookmark folders in Opera

3. You can view and manage these shares by clicking ‘Shared by me’ bookmark folder.

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If you’re using Opera developer, it will be updated to this version automatically or you can download and install it from here on Mac, Linux or Windows.

How useful is bookmark sharing in Opera?

Opera offers some ideas on using the feature, here are they: " Trying to book airline tickets for a romantic week away? Create a list of options from across airlines and share them with your partner. Found some funny cat videos but they are all hosted on different websites? Add them all to a bookmark folder, hit the share link and pass them on.".

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Honestly, I don’t see any use with this feature, What do you think? Have you found bookmark sharing introduced in this version useful? Share your opinions with us in the comments.