Yesterday, Piriform has released CCleaner 4.18 with Active System Monitoring feature, which prompts you to run CCleaner if cleaning saves more than 0.5 GB. This feature is available under New ‘Monitoring’ tab in ‘Options’. But disabling System Monitoring hasn’t closed CCleaner.exe process and its icon in the system tray, it’s a bug and has been fixed with another rushed release, it is CCleaner 4.18.4844, download and install this build on your computer.

How to Clean Windows.old Folder in Windows 8.1 using CCleaner

Disabling CCleaner’s Active Monitoring Feature

Open CCleaner, click on Options > Monitoring, uncheck or remove tick mark  for ‘Enable System Monitoring’ and ‘Enable Active Monitoring’ (at the bottom), click ‘Yes’ to the confirmation dialog displayed on the screen.

CCleaner Monitoring

Yes, you need to disable both System Monitoring and Active Monitoring features in Monitoring to turn off CCleaner from Monitoring your computer.

Download CCleaner v4.18.44

What do you say?

Don’t you think Monitoring as an unnecessary addition to CCleaner, perhaps Piriform here, is wanting you to purchase its Professional version of the tool by offering half features in the free version, which may actually backfire on them by losing free user base as they switch to other tools.