CCleaner already has System Monitoring feature. With this enabled, CCleaner runs in the background and alerts you when cleaning saves you more than 0.5 GB space. Active Monitoring is different from System Monitoring, but also turned on by default, runs from Windows startup to shutdown and monitors for CCleaner updates or new releases.

If you want to turn off CCleaner’s Active Monitoring feature, you can, here is how.

How to Clean Windows.old Folder in Windows 8.1 using CCleaner

Disabling CCleaner’s Active Monitoring Feature

1. Open CCleaner, click on Options > Monitoring,

2. Uncheck for ‘Enable System Monitoring’ and ‘Enable Active Monitoring’, click ‘Yes’ to the warning displayed on the screen.

Yes, you need to disable both System Monitoring and Active Monitoring features in Monitoring to turn off CCleaner from Monitoring your computer.

When you try to deactivate Active Monitoring, CCleaner shows this warning: ‘this action is not recommended. Active monitoring will ensure that CCleaner is kept-up-to-date and your computer as clean as possible.

We want to give a clarification on this. CCleaner can still check for updates as’ Automatically check for udpates to CCleaner’ still checked under Settings, but much less when compared to Active Monitoring, that’s all.

What do you say?

Don’t you think Monitoring as an unnecessary addition to CCleaner? Perhaps Piriform here, is wanting you to purchase its Professional version of the tool by offering half features in the free version, which may actually backfire on them by losing free user base as they switch to other tools.