You can now install the Free apps in Chrome Web Store without the need to sign into your Google Account. If you’re the only one user using your computer and Chrome browser and doesn’t sign into the browser to Sync stuff across the devices, you’ll definitely find it annoying to sign into your Google account to install the apps in the Chrome Web Store, this no longer needed for free apps, but for paid apps, it is compulsory.

Chrome Packaged Apps to Available in Chrome Web Store from Today onwards

"What a great news! We can now install free Chrome Apps without being signed in the Chrome Web Store. What this means also for Chrome App developers is that they need to be careful and don’t assume user is necessarily logged in. This doesn’t apply to paid Chrome Apps." Francois said on Google+.

What happens now is, you’ll visit the Chrome Web Store, find or search the app you want to install, and click on ‘Free’ button, ‘Confirm New App’ dialog pops up , click ‘Add’, it will be installed and available for launch from Chrome://apps pages or from the App Launcher.

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