First beta for next major version of HyperSnap is available for download and testing. 64-bit version of HyperSnap 8 is now available, more themes have been added, including office 2013 (with white, gray and dark gray colors) available for select under the Skin in Setup.  You can select all the captured images under Thumbnails list, right click and email them (for this function to work, you should have a desktop email client installed, like Thunderbird, or Outlook, etc.).

HyperSnap 8

Other changes and new features:

1. TextSnap technology, which lets you capture text from images or dialogs displayed on the screen is no longer supported for software written with accelerated graphics such as DirectX , DirectWrite, with newer programming languages and environments like Java, .NET, Windows 8  and newer, but it will continue to work for older programs.

HyperSnap 8

2. Wider lines when drawing shapes is now possible in this version, to find it, click on  Edit > Line > Line Style, and select ‘Wider lines..’ and enter the line width in the pixels.

Do you know this? TechSmith has removed the text capture profile from Snagit 12.

Why Snagit is showing unable to capture this text Error Dialog?

This beta expires on October 31, 2014. Other enhancements will be added based on user feedback.

Note: If you’re already using Screen Capturing program like Snagit on your computer, then it is better go for portable installation, i.e, install it on your USB drive.

Szoter :Adobe Air Based Screen Capture and Annotation tool

System requirements

HyperSnap 8 is compatible with Windows Vista/7/8 and above, but doesn’t work on Windows XP, (version 7 still works).

You can check the full changelog and download 64-bit and 32-bit of HyperSnap 8 beta from here.

Upgrading from HyperSnap v7 to HyperSnap v8

If you’ve purchased HyperSnap 7 license, you’ll be eligible for a free upgrade to version 8, when it release falls within one year from your purchase date. Otherwise, you need to pay $19.50.

Ticno Screenshoter, Cute Little Screen Capture Program for Windows

Update September 23, 2014: HyperSnap 8 final or stable version is now available.

Download HyperSnap v8.01.00 | Changelog,

HyperSnap user, what’s your take on this version? Are you excited? Let me know your opinions on this in the comments.