No Microsoft office Installed, but cftmon.exe process is running, how to stop it permanently. Noticed cftmon.exe process running in Task Manager under the Processes tab with the description ‘CTF Loader’ even though you don’t have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. This process runs from System 32 directory in Windows.

cftmon.exe process running in Task Manager

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How to determine cftmon.exe is a virus or not?

To check its not a virus, download and run Sysinternals Process Explorer, right click on cftmon.exe and select ‘check VirusTotal’ , that process hash will be submitted to VT and the result will be displayed in the VirusTotal Column. For Process Explorer to automatically show the running processes results in the VT column, click on Options>>Check

For more details, read : How to Enable Checking in Process Explorer?

After confirming its not a virus, use the below tool to get rid of it.

Stop or prevent or deactivate cftmon.exe from running on Windows 7

1. Download and run CFTMON-Remover tool from here, which instantly shows Cftmon.exe’s installed status, is it running automatically on startup, whether it is running currently or not and its replaced information (check the screenshot below).

CFTMon Remover

2. Click on ‘Deactivate CFTMON.EXE’, immediately the tool shows the status of this process for  the first three entries as ‘No’ and for the last one (is CFTMON.EXE already replaced?) as ‘Yes’.

3. Problem solved.

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This worked for me, has it for you? Let us know in the comments.