If you’ve installed Norton Security 2015 on your computer, know this: whenever your computer is idle, NS automatically performs background scanning and full system scan and runs these tasks automatically: removes temporary files of Internet Explorer and Windows, and performs disk defragmentation.

These are performance tasks, not initiated by the user, but by NS, if you don’t want them running automatically, follow the instructions below to stop them.

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Prevent or stop Norton Security from running Performance tasks when your system is idle

1. Open Norton Security main window

2. Click on Settings>Task Scheduling, under ‘Automatic Tasks’ tab, uncheck for the below activities

  • Internet Explorer Temporary Files
  • Windows Temporary Files
  • Disk Optimization

Norton Security Performance Tasks Settings

3. Click on ‘Apply’ button to save the changes.

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Note: You can manually run these activities whenever you want by clicking ‘Optimize Disk’ and ‘File Cleanup’ under ‘Performance in the main window. 

We recommend you to take a look at ‘Startup Manager’ in Performance that  shows resource usage of applications that are set to auto-start on computer startup, the most useful part is you can delay those applications start on Windows.

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