When the Chrome browser starts to behave strangely, download and run this tool. Google has released Software Removal Tool for Windows in Beta, which, when you download and ran on your computer, scans for suspicious programs that changes Chrome settings and lets you remove them.

Chrome Settings hijacked without your knowledge? Chrome now Prompts to Reset those

Software Removal Tool does a Factory Reset of Chrome

"If you notice Chrome behaving strangely (for example, showing you unusual startup pages, toolbars, or pop-up ads you can’t get rid of), it may be due to an unwanted program on your computer. " SRT help page says.

"You may be able to fix the problem by downloading and running the Software Removal Tool. Think of this as a “factory reset” of Chrome. It restores Chrome’s original settings and removes programs that affect its behavior."

Using SRT

This tool has no UI and runs in the background, when it is running, you can notice  its process ‘software_removal_tool.exe’ on the Processes tab in the Task Manager

1. Download and run the tool, immediately it starts searching for suspicious programs on your computer, shows a message how many programs it found, if found .

2. Click ‘Remove suspicious programs ‘and wait for the tool to show ‘removal complete’ message.

3. Click ‘Continue’ to quit the tool (you may be prompted to restart your computer, do so)

4. After that, Chrome will automatically open and asks to reset browser settings, click ‘Reset’.

Chrome Canary now shows a disable button for the extensions that overrides its Settings

Note:  SRT don’t show the name of programs it detected, there can be false positives. So you may have to think twice before clicking on remove suspicious programs.

If chrome is still behaving weirdly after running this tool, then your Google browser may have affected with malware which this tool can’t get rid of.

Unstoppable and takes long time

Note: This tool has run more than one and half hour on our computer, and it continues to scan, we can’t able to stop or kill software_removal_tool process (even the unlocker can’t), in the end, we’ve to shut down the computer to close it.

 Download Software Removal Tool

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