Google Chrome on Windows 8 has a modern/metro mode (in fact, you can see it as Windows 8 mode in the desktop Chrome menu), similarly, Chromium team has added Chrome OS Mode to Canary in Windows 7, you can enable or launch it by selecting ‘Relaunch Chrome in Chrome OS mode ‘from the menu.

“The same way Chrome for Windows 8 has a Metro Mode¹, Chrome Canary for Windows 7 just got a new experimental “Chrome OS Mode” that you can enable by clicking on the Chrome top-level menu “Relaunch Chrome in Chrome OS mode”.” Francois said on Google+

Update: Please note menu item ‘Relaunch Chrome in Chrome OS mode’ has been changed to ‘Relaunch in Chrome Immersive mode’.

After selecting it, Chrome should be maximized and offer an immersive experience to the user, but our browser has crashed and Windows showed  ‘Google Chrome has stopped working’ dialog and culprit module for that to happen is metro_driver.dll.

Chrome OS Mode in Windows 7

How to Relaunch Chrome on Desktop from Windows 8 Mode and Vice Versa

Chrome Beta in Windows 8 Mode Looks different with App Launcher and Shelf at the Bottom

Since this is an experimental feature, it may or may not reach the stable channel.

Is the new Chrome OS mode working for you in Canary on Windows 7? Do Windows 7 users really need it? Let me know in the comments.