When you try to install Panda Free Antivirus (formerly known as Panda Cloud Antivirus) on your computer, installation doesn’t complete and you may get an error because of that, here is that error: ‘Panda Free Antivirus installation:  ‘There was an error during the process and it failed to complete successfully. Get your product by clicking the following button and start again the installation process‘ and that error window offers ‘Download’, need help?, and ‘cancel’ buttons (check the screenshot below).

Panda Free Antivirus installation error

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Fix Panda Free Antivirus installation’s ‘There was an error during the process.’

It’s pretty clear that Panda Free Antivirus was not installed properly on your computer with the online setup, but don’t worry! Standalone installer works and does the trick for you.

1. Visit Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, check whether Panda Free Antivirus was listed there, if it is, uninstall it, and freshly reinstall with the link provided below.

2. Download Panda Free Antivirus offline installer from here and proceed with the installation, you won’t get that error this time .

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Hope that helps, if you’ve any doubts ask me in the comments without any hesitation.