When you attempt to install a Kaspersky product, it could be Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Antivirus, you can get an error: ‘Failed to Install the application To continue installation you must close all applications that can block access to local area connection settings. If you are not sure which applications must be closed, reboot the computer. Changes made to the system will be automatically rolled back.’ Let us see how to fix this, and install KIS or KAV again on your computer.

Kaspersky Failed to install the application

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Fixing Kaspersky’s ‘Failed to install the Application’ Error

If you’ve previously installed and using a Kaspersky product, it is better to remove it fully from your computer even though you’ve uninstalled it successfully.

1. For that, download Kaspersky Removal Tool from here, save to a folder and reboot your computer in safe mode.

Note: kavremover deletes all the activation information of Kaspersky product, so you need to activate the product once again after the installation.

2. Run the tool, once Kaspersky Lab Products Remover launches, select the product from the list which you want to remove completely, enter the code shown on the screen, and click ‘Remove’ button.

Kaspersky Lab Products Remover

3. Wait for a while for the product to be removed, once done, Kavrmvr  informs the operation has been finished and asks to restart your computer.

4. After restart, initiate install of Kaspersky, this time, it will be installed without any issues.

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Note: If you’re using antivirus products other than Kaspersky on your computer before, which you’re not successful in removing, then use the uninstall/removal tools offered by those companies.

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