With the version 3.9.4, Free Download Manager has released a new Chrome extension -available on the Web Store- which integrates FDM with the Chrome browser. When you install FDM, if browser was already installed on your computer, then it asks to install this extension in Chrome, but not the case when it’s not.

Then you can manually install Free Download Manager Chrome extension from the Web Store here and  restart the browser. Now initiate any file download in Chrome, it will be picked up by FDM, if not,

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Fixing Free Download Manager Extension not working  in Chrome

1. Close Google Chrome browser

2. Open FDM main window, click on ‘Options’ and select ‘Settings’ (you can use Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut also for that),

3. Once the Settings window opens, select ‘Monitoring’ and check ‘Google Chrome’ on the right, restart Chrome if already open for changes to apply.

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4. Now open Chrome and try to download any file, FDM will grab it.

If FDM is not working in Firefox

First, ensure ‘Firefox’ is checked or selected under ‘Monitoring’ of FDM settings, next, enable the Free Download Manager plugin in the Add-ons Manager.

Has this working for you? Let me know if you’ve any doubts in the comments.