When you try to uninstall Avast to reinstall it or to install another antivirus on your  computer, uninstallation doesn’t start, instead a dialog appears on the screen saying ‘ Setup is already running. Please try to start the setup later’ and offers the ‘View log’ button in it, when you open it, ‘Avast Log Viewer’ appears and it doesn’t provide any information to troubleshoot the issue, let us see how to fix this and remove Avast antivirus without any problems.

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Fixing Avast’s ‘Setup is already running’ error

What’s happening?

instup.exe of Avast is downloading and updating virus definitions in the background, you can see this process running in the task manager. Now, when you try to kill it, you’ll get a unable to Terminate process dialog saying ‘The Operation could not be completed. Access is denied.’

We’ve already covered what to do when instup.exe runs for a long time, here, if you’re in a hurry, rather than following the steps mentioned in that, simplest solution has been offered here.

Avast setup is already running

1. Open Avast User Interface > Settings > Troubleshooting, and remove tick mark for ‘Enable Avast self-defense module’ and click ‘OK’.

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2. Now open the Task Manager, and kill the instup.exe process if running, if it’s not running, go to step 4.

3. Immediately a pop up appears and informs to update virus definitions as last attempt was unsuccessful, ignore it, now uninstall Avast, it will, without any issues.

4. You can uninstall Avast, you won’t get that error.

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