Till now, Chrome PDF Viewer has offered  ‘Rotate clockwise’ and ‘Rotate ‘counterclockwise’ options in the PDF context menu for rotation. The latest update for Chromium has added keyboard shortcuts for these. ‘Ctrl +] ‘  is for the rotation of the PDF document in the clockwise direction, where ‘ Ctrl + [‘ is for the rotation of same in anticlockwise direction. Currently, you can find this change in Canary.

Chrome: “Some parts of this PDF document could not be displayed. Install Adobe Reader?”

Clear all downloads on Chrome://downloads page with Alt+C shortcut

Till now to clear download history in Chrome, you used to visit Chrome://downloads page and ‘click clear all’ button, you no longer need to click on that button now with the addition of new shortcut ‘Alt+C’.

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Passwords stored on Settings page are now editable

You can now edit saved passwords in Chrome by visiting Chrome://settings/passwords page For instance, to edit a password, click on it, and click the ‘overwrite button’.

Note: If you’ve already unchecked ‘offer to save web passwords’ option under ‘Passwords and forms’ in the Settings due to security reasons, then there is no chance for you to see any password for editing.

Chrome to Prompt for Windows Password to Show Saved Passwords in It

All these changes are not be visible now on Canary or Developer channel, but you’ll definitely see them when they update. [Via Francois]