Second beta for Avast 2015 has been released and available for download. If you don’t know, a month back, Avast 2015 beta 1 has been released with Smart Scan, HTTPS Scanning and Home Network Security features. Today, with this beta, Avast introduced two new features,  they’re: Avast NG and GrimeFighter Free.

Avast 2015 Beta 2

What is Avast NG?

“A hardware based virtualization solution capable of running each Windows process in standalone safe virtualized environment (VM) and fully integrated to your desktop. Each process is executed in its own instance of VM, which means totally isolated from your other applications.”

You can notice newly added NG icons on the desktop for applications, for instance, if you’re using Firefox and Chrome, you can notice ‘Mozilla Firefox NG, ‘Google Chrome NG’ along with ‘Internet Explorer NG’ shortcuts on the desktop.

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Avast Free antivirus 2015 beta 2 UI

When compared with the regular apps, these NG powered apps where each run in its own virtual environment on the desktop (you can find this similar to sandboxie) takes time to open, load and run.

Note: Avast NG doesn’t work on a Virtual Machine, for it to function, Hardware virtualization of CPU must be enabled.

GrimeFighter Free

You all know, GrimeFighter is a standalone paid product, but it has been connected to Avast interface, which scans for Grime and wants you to purchase it to clean it, now avast is offering two features of it -cleaning of junk files and tweaking of system settings features -for free with GrimeFighter Free in Avast 2015 version.

Here, Avast is enticing the users to purchase GrimeFighter Premium.

After running the Smart Screen or when you select ‘scan for performance issues’ from the scan and click on ‘Optimize my PC’, then, you’ll be presented with options to select from ‘GrimeFighter Free’ and ‘GrimeFighter Premium’ to fix the performance issues detected during the scan (check the screenshot below).

GrimeFighter Free vs Premimun

You can download Avast 2015 Beta 2 from here.

What’s your take on this update?