Test the new Bookmark manager and bookmarking in Opera. The Opera desktop team has been working on a new bookmark manager -which is behind Bookmarks flag and not enabled by default- for a while now, today Opera 25 developer update has been released with that flag enabled by default, means the new bookmark manager and bookmarks feature are available for testing.

Opera 25 gets bookmarks functionality

After installing this update, ‘Bookmarks’ item will appear on Opera Menu. Visit any page and click on the ‘Heart’ icon to bookmark, ‘added to bookmarks’ will be shown and respective thumbnail for that bookmark will appear in ‘unsorted bookmarks’.

All bookmarks you’ve bookmarked will appear by default in thumbnail view in bookmark manager, if you don’t like it, switch to list view using the option provided on top of that page. You can right click on a bookmark and ‘add to speed dial’.

Opera bookmark manager with thumbnail view

You can organize bookmarks by dragging them to New Folder you create, or already existing ones like Reading list, Videos, Shopping and Travel.

Check what imported bookmarks folder has got? Opera has imported all bookmarks from default browser silently after its install.

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You can enable or disable bookmarks bar by selecting ‘Show bookmarks bar’ from Opera Menu>Bookmarks

Two new flags

Opera teases us with new features they’re working on, two new flags are available in the latest version, they’re: tab menu and Bookmarks sharing.

Tab Menu: "Enables tab menu which gives another view of all opened tabs of the current window."

Bookmarks Sharing: "Share bookmarks from with in the bookmark manager".

After enabling the above flag, when you click on ‘Share’ link in the bookmark manager, (after that on ‘upload’ button) ‘a snapshot of selected bookmarks will be uploaded to Opera Share and given the entered name. You can then share a link to it.

These features are not yet working currently.

Download Opera 25 Developer

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