Translations in Firefox powered by Microsoft Translator. This is yet to be officially announced, Mozilla is currently testing translation feature in its browser which is powered by Microsoft Translator. This feature is not enabled by default.

Testing Firefox’s Translate feature

To test it right now,

1. Download and install the latest Beta (Firefox 32)

2. Visit about:config page and then set the below preferences values to ‘true’


3. Restart the browser for the change to take effect.

Google Dictionary and Google Translate brings In-line translation of words and web pages for Firefox

Visit any page that’s not in your preferred or displayed language in Firefox, like to Google Chrome, Translation infobar appears on top and asks to translate the page, you can click on ‘Translate’ if you wish, or click on ‘Not Now’.

Firefox Translation feature

Options will be available at the end of infobar to ‘Never translate that language’, ‘Never translate that site’ and says Translations by Microsoft Translator.

Language Translation of Queries now in Bing with Microsoft Translator

Translation preferences option takes you to ‘Content’ tab with ‘Translate web content’ setting enabled (check the screenshot below). Note this option only appears after enabling above said hidden preferences.

translate web content option content tab

Currently, this feature is not working, but at least you learned what’s native or built-in translation feature offered by Firefox is up to.

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