First beta for IObit uninstaller 4 has been released and available to download for testing. When you run this version in Windows 8, you can see, apart from ‘Programs’ and ‘Toolbars & Plugins’ tabs, you can see new ‘Win8 Apps’ tab, which lists all pre-installed apps in Windows 8 and also of third-parties you’ve installed from the Store. So you can remove unwanted or all apps by selecting ‘Batch uninstall’ option, and leaving these does no harm to your computer.

IObit Uninstaller 4 interface in Windows 8

Other changes in IObit Uninstaller 4 Beta

1. UI has been improved.

2. ‘Quick Uninstall’ option has been added for some  programs which doesn’t show confirmation dialog box for uninstall.

3. Monitor Uninstall, whenever a program has been uninstalled, power scan dialog will be shown.

4. You can manage all restore points created from with in IObit Uninstaller.

This is the changelog

Uninstall Win8 Apps – Added uninstallation for Win8 Apps to make your

Windows 8 clean of all unwanted apps

+ Quick Uninstall – Added Quick Uninstall for some programs so that no

more confirmation box will disturb you

+ Monitor Uninstall – Added monitoring for all program uninstallation

that not using IObit Uninstaller to call Powerful Scan

+ Better restore – Added management for System Restore Point

+ Powerful Scan – Improved Powerful Scan to clean leftovers thoroughly,

quickly, and faultlessly

+ Browser Protect – Improved the ability of detecting and removing

malicious Plug-ins

+ Windows Update – Improved the detection and uninstallation for Windows


+ Better UI – Improved User Interface to be simple, concise, and user-


+ And more to be discovered by you

Download IObit Uninstaller 4 Beta

What’s your take on this new version? Has it gained new features? Or turned into more bloat ware? Share with us in the comments.