Chromium team has enabled the new avatar menu and testing it for a while now, if you’re using Chrome Canary or dev. version, you can notice the new ‘You’ menu button on top right, next to window controls, which is the default profile or user menu that lets you switch to another user with ‘Switch Person’ option or enter incognito mode with ‘Go incognito’ option (check the screenshot below).

If you’re the only one person using your computer and Chrome browser, and not created any separate user accounts, then space it occupies at the end of title bar can be an obstacle to open new tabs if you’ve already many tabs open(the user menu that opens offering options is quite big and annoying, it should have been much smaller), don’t want that? Here is how you can disable or turn that off.

new You user menu Chrome non-signed


UPDATEChrome 44: How to disable User Menu

How to Prevent Chrome from Adding Desktop Shortcuts for New User Accounts

Turning off or removing the You user menu in Chrome

1. Visit chrome://flags page

2. Find ‘Enable new avatar menu’ flag and select ‘Disabled‘ from drop down and restart the browser.

Google: User menu is valuable like the home button even if you don’t use it

Google Employee working on new user menu for Chrome said in a thread ” we’re rolling out the user menu as part of a broader initiative for Chrome Identity. We have several goals for the change, including

Making it more clear to users who are signed into Chrome that they are, in fact, signed into Chrome
More visible access to incognito mode
Adding a layer of abstraction to profiles to make the notion of person separation more apparent (i.e. one person, one profile)
The introduction of Guest Mode as a better solution for allowing others to use your computer temporarily
Like the home button, we feel the user menu is a piece of UI which is still valuable, even if you don’t find yourself using it on a daily basis. ”

How to Get Chromebook’s Guest Browsing in Google Chrome?

Note: Please backup your bookmarks and other data like history before doing this.

What’s your take on the new user menu? Have you found it useful or unnecessary? Has the instructions mentioned above worked for you in getting rid of it? Let us know in the comments.