When you initiate uninstall of a program from the Control Panel’s Programs and Features (not using IObit Uninstaller), then IObit Uninstaller 4’s ‘Uninstall Monitor’ detects that- you can see UninstallMonitor.exe process running in Task Manager at that point of time-  and shows a popup from the notification area to perform Powerful Scan to clean the leftover entries.

IObit Uninstaller 4 lets you remove Windows 8 Apps

Here is what that popup/notification says: ‘Attention: ‘x’ still has leftovers, which may affect PC performance’ and offers ‘clean now’ button. This happens to every application you uninstall from Control Panel, if you’re uninstalling multiple ones, then this will definitely annoy you. Here is how to disable IObit Uninstaller’s Uninstall Monitor feature if you don’t want that to happen.

IObit Uninstaller attention clean now dialog

Disabling IObit Uninstaller’s Uninstall Monitor feature

1. Open IObit Uninstaller interface

2. Launch its Settings and remove tick mark for Call Powerful Scan when uninstall operation detected.’

3. Click ‘OK’ to apply the changes.

IObit Uninstaller 3.1 now available with automatic uninstall and Powerful Scan Options

Note: Selecting ‘Don’t show this again’ in the popup you received earlier also does the same.

P.S. Even after disabling it, UninstallMonitor.exe process keeps running on the TM during the uninstall Process, but it won’t show the above popup.

Update September 30, 2014: Even though we’re not uninstalling any program and Poweful Scan Call option has been unchecked in Settings and IObit Uninstaller is not open or running, we noticed running of UninstallMonitor.exe Process in Task Manager, that’s annoying.

If you don’t want that process running, here, you’ve no other option but to uninstall the program, don’t forget to remove IObit LiveUpdate folder, if you don’t have any other IObit products installed on your computer.