Making custom themes for Chromium-based Opera browser doesn’t get easier than this. Chromium/blink based Opera got support for themes in Opera 18 – Opera 15, 16 and 17 versions don’t support themes-. Norwegian browser by default comes with a few themes, and you can add more from Opera Themes gallery. But creating and using your own theme is fun. Let us see how to create your own theme from images on your computer in new Opera.

Opera Start page with own created theme

Creating your theme in Opera, no add-on required

1. Click on Opera menu and select ‘Themes’ or visit about:themes page.

2. In the Theme Manager, click on ‘Create your theme’ on the sidebar and give a name for it.

3. Click on ‘Choose file’, and select image from your hard drive, align the image to bottom or  center or top, then, select text color for Speed Dial entry names, and click’ Create’.

Done! Your own theme has been created and installed automatically,visit Opera Start page or Speed Dial to see it.

Themes you created, and installed from the Opera add-ons Catalog site will appear under ‘My themes’ in Theme Manager.

Tip: You can even set the images you found on web as theme for Opera, for that, right click on an image in any web page, and select ‘use image as  theme’.