After installing Avira Free Antivirus, when you open its Avira Control Center, its status view might show an error: ‘Your computer is not secure! A Service is not working correctly’ and offers the ‘Fix problem‘ button. And ‘Last update’ under ‘PC Protection’ section shows ‘Not performed’ or that day’s date.

When you click on ‘Fix Problem’, ‘Restore Protection’ dialog pops up and suggests you to ‘Perform Update’, when you click OK, nothing happens or Updater dialog shows Status as ‘Program is up to date. You now have optimal protection’, but the status still shows computer is not secure, which drives you crazy.

Avira your computer is not secure

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Fixing Avira’s Your computer is not secure! A Service not working correctly’ error

1. Most of the times, restarting your computer fixes the problem. When you launch Avira Control Center after the restart, status shows ‘your computer is secure all services are working correctly’ message.

2. If restarting the system hasn’t helped you, then to resolve this error, you need to manually update Avira definitions, which also fixes the problem.

Note: If you install Avira online with launcher, mostly you won’t get this error.

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