Have you forgotten Australis? Mozilla isn’t? It is still working to make it more personalized for you, to the latest, Customize Mode in Nightly (currently on version 34) lets you easily switch between installed and Recommended themes.

Theme Switching from Customize Mode in Firefox

Unless you’ve installed several themes, Firefox comes only with the one default theme, when you install a new one from AMO, default one gets disabled and the new one gets enabled, you can manage all the themes you install in this fashion, in ‘Appearance’ of the Add-ons Manager.

If you enter Customize mode, ‘Themes’ menu at the footer of the window shows five Recommended themes (these are picked by Firefox User Experience team from AMO) along with your installed ones. When you hover on a theme, its preview will appear, when you click on it, it will be installed.

Themes Menu in Customize Mode

You can always manage installed themes and add-ons from the Add-ons Manager and recommended themes won’t appear on it, until and unless you apply one.

Easy themes switching from Customize Mode in Nightly [via JAWS blog].

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