Google Chrome 38 beta available for Windows, Mac and Linux with Guest mode feature and user switching option. Chrome beta makes things simpler for users, who share their computer with others with the new ‘User menu’. You can notice this on the extreme right of tab bar next to window controls. The user menu shows ‘You‘ name for non-signed users, lets you switch users and access incognito. Click on ‘Switch person’ to add another profile.

How to remove the ‘You’ User Menu from Chrome?

"Anyone who’s argued over the TV remote knows that sharing a living room doesn’t mean you want to share everything else. The same is true on the web. So in the latest Chrome beta, we’re exploring a new way for you to share your computer without sharing your business." Roger Tawa, Chrome Engineer said on Chrome blog.

How to Enable or enter guest mode in Chrome

When you click ‘Switch person’, you’ll see a new popup window, which offers, ‘Browse as Guest’ and ‘Add person’ options at the bottom. Chrome team calling former one when entered, as Guest mode, (in Chromebooks it has been called as Guest browsing) lets others use the browser temporarily, when they exist guest mode, all their browsing information will deleted from your computer.

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This menu is not useful for the person, who only uses his computer, useful for people, who’ve created multiple profiles and allows his/her friends temporarily access chrome through Guest mode.

Disabling the new user menu

If you’ve found the You user menu taking space on the tab bar and adding more steps to switch users, you can disable or turn it off.

1. Visit about chrome://flags/#enable-new-avatar-menu

2. Select ‘Disabled’, relaunch the Chrome browser for the changes to effect.

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What’s new in Chrome 38?

  • New experimental user switching design which makes changing profiles and into incognito mode simpler.
  • A new experimental Guest mode.
  • Experimental UI for Chrome supervised users.
  • Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance. [Via Chrome blog and Chrome releases blog]

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