WinPatrol, the program which monitors for changes on Windows has got new owner, Brett Lowry, founder of Ruiware (pronounced as Ray-ware). Developer Bill Pytlovany handed over his Program to Bret, future developments and changes will be made him after the transition. FYI, version 32.0.2014.0 will be the first version released for WinPatrol by Ruiware.

WinPatrol Purchased by Ruiware

"It hasn’t been a secret that a long term family illness encouraged my search for someone who not only understood WinPatrol but would love and care for Scotty. " Bill said in his blog.

"I couldn’t be happier to introduce you to the founder of Ruiware, LLC and Scotty’s new best friend,  Bret Lowry. He’s younger with more energy but still has almost 30 years experience developing software." he added.

Brett says, he is committed to WinPatrol customers and continues to be in future. He says WinPatrol lifetime licenses will be honored.

One, your lifetime PLUS licenses are just that, lifetime licenses. That was the easiest topic in our negotiation and is written into the contract.

Two, WinPatrol will not have toolbars or other “add-ins” added to it or its installer

Three, I will be responsible for answering support questions,

Four, I use WinPatrol myself and therefore am committed to the continued improvement of WinPatrol.