You’ll find this article useful, when the need arises for you to close canary or stable process in the Task Manager as respective browser stops responding for a longer time. As you might already know you can install and run Chrome Stable and Canary browsers at the same time, both have different icons and run from different directories- stable from Program Files and Canary from App Data folder.

finding canary or stable process in Task Manager to kill

But when both versions of Chrome are running, and if one browser hangs or freezes and denies to close (Canary has more chances for this to happen because it is on the bleeding edge), then you’ve no other option but to kill its process in the Task Manger. Which one you kill now?, As both runs with the same process name Chrome.exe (check the screenshot above). We’ve a tip for you on that?

How to Set Google Chrome Canary As Default Browser in Windows

Finding Canary or Stable Process of Chrome on Task Manager to kill

Right click on first Chrome process in task manager, and select ‘Open File location’, if it shows Chrome application running from ‘Program Files’ then it is stable or beta, you can’t run Dev. and Canary together at once.

64-bit Chrome for Window 7 and Windows 8 is now available on Canary and Dev channels

Right click on last Chrome.exe process, and open File location, if it is running from Chrome SxS  under App Data, then it is ‘Canary’ process; right click on it and select ‘End Process’ or ‘End Process Tree’.