TechSmith has ported Scrolling Capture feature which you find for Snagit on Mac and Windows to Google Chrome browser. Yes! Snagit for Chrome extension has been updated, the update lets you capture a long web page in the browser with Scrolling Capture feature. To get started, after installing Chrome extension for Snagit, open a long page -so that you can scroll down to bottom to see the content-, click on the Snagit icon on the toolbar and select ‘Scrolling’ (check the screenshot below).

Snagit Chrome scrolling capture option

Snagit for Chrome now lets you Save Screen Recordings as animated GIFs

"After you select your region, you’ll now be presented with the region select confirmation window. This will allow finer control over the region you want to capture, and once you have it exactly where you want it, simply click the capture button (represented by the camera icon). " Kelly Rush, Product Owner for Snagit for Chrome said in a blog post.

Chrome doesn’t allow Snagit to use some capture options on some pages, when Snagit encounter such pages, it shows a pop up window (check the screenshot below) informing user about the same and asks to try capturing a different page or try the options available at that time, the options could be: capture the visible area on the screen and record the video. 

pop-up window

How to Enable Screen Recording feature of Snagit in Google Chrome?

To capture images, you no longer need to have Snagit app installed extension is suffice, the same is not true for  Annotations. To add annotations to captures, you need to have app installed as well.

Links: Snagit for Chrome (extension) and App.

Are you using Snagit for Chrome? Which feature you like the most? Let us know in the comments.