Mozilla has been working to make Reset Firefox feature discoverable when needed by the users. Verdi is working on two ways to get the user notice about Reset feature in Firefox. One is by showing a reset button on the download page for those who are looking to reinstall the same version and other is by offering a notification after reinstall. Users expect reinstallation to solve most of the problems or issues they face with the browser, that’s not true, in fact resetting Firefox produces results they’re expecting.

To make Reset Firefox discoverable

One way: When a user visits Firefox download page to download the same version he already has, smarter download page detects and offers the reset button in place of download (check the screenshot below). 

reset buton on Firefox download page

Other way: If the user still downloads and installs a fresh copy by clicking on ‘Download a fresh copy’ link, then after the restart of the browser, he’ll be showed a infobar on top with the message ‘Trying to fix a problem with Firefox? complete the process and start fresh‘. Notification offers ‘Reset Firefox‘ and ‘Not Now’  buttons at the end for the user to decide (check the screen shot below).

.reset notification after reinstallation

Firefox to Show Reset Notification if you haven’t used It for Months

If the user here is not looking to fix any problem in the browser, he has to ignore the second reset prompt.

There are other things planned for the reset feature: like changing its name, and add-ons should be disabled after reset, instead of deletion.

How to backup and Restore Firefox Extensions

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