Opera Software has finally enabled H.264 video support in its browser on developer channel. The Opera desktop team has tweaked tab preview, they’ve reasons for offering large previews, if you don’t want previews of tabs, they’re offering a setting ‘Show tab previews when switching between tabs’ under User Interface which you can uncheck to turn them off.

Mozilla enables WebRTC and H.264 & MP3 support by Default in Firefox 21 Nightly

If you’re using Opera Developer 24, you could be already using the latest version, thanks to automatic updates. To confirm this version supports H.264 codec format, visit http://www.youtube.com/html5. Work is in progress to make it available for Linux and Mac platforms.

Opera H.264 video playback support

Other changes to previews are

  • Previews of tabs don’t work with keyboard shortcuts.
  • The timing for initial display of preview set to 600 milliseconds, setting(hidden) to change this timeout value will appear after enabling Power-users Settings.

First Chromium-based Opera for Linux is now available on Developer Stream

Note: Earlier we’ve covered how to turn off tab Preview using flags, which no longer required now as browser’s current dev. version offers a setting for that.

Coast-like Speed Dial images for Opera

Do you know Opera Coast Browser? Which is available for iPad and iPhone, Opera Dev. on desktop has an experimental feature in flags which ‘prepares speed dial images based on Opera Coast algorithms’.

Want to try? Visit opera://flags/#coast-like-speeddial-images and select Enabled and relaunch Opera browser and visit Speed Dial.

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