Till now Notepad++ lets you access its settings on Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, yesterday released Notepad++ 6.6.8 version update has added support for Google Drive. This update has fixed OneDrive detection error and also includes fixes for bugs discovered in previous versions.

For Notepad++ settings to sync to Google Drive, install its client on your computer, after that,

Launch Notepad++, click on Settings > Preferences > Cloud,

Choose ‘Set your cloud location path here:’ and navigate to Google Drive folder and select it:  C:\Users\[Username]\Google Drive

Close Notepad++ Preferences window and the application.

Relaunch Notepad++, now when you visit Google Drive folder, you’ll notice ‘Notepad++’ folder under it.

Notepad++ now lets you Put its Settings into Cloud Via Dropbox

Notepad++ Session Snapshot and Periodic Backup feature

The main feature in v6.6.x versions is session snapshot and periodic backup- this was enabled by default- which means when the user quits Notepad++, unsaved files and untitled document from last session will be automatically restored on next launch. Periodic backup of unsaved files ensures you can always access them even after PC crash or power outage.

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You can turn this feature off if you want, for that, click on Settings>Preferences>Backup and remove tick marks for ‘Remember current session for next launch’ and ‘Enable session snapshot and periodic backup‘, and click on ‘Close’ button.

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