In the latest Firefox 34 Nightly, when you open the New Tab Page you can notice a gear icon on top-right side corner, which on hover over shows ‘customize your New Tab Page’ text and on clicking offers Enhanced, Classic and Blank options. Currently, selecting Classic or Enhanced doesn’t change anything to the look of NTP, but selecting Blank makes Firefox startup page to empty.

Firefox New Tab page Enhanced tiles

How to Increase The Number of Thumbnails on Firefox New Tab Page

This bugAdd gear button with doorhanger configuration of newtab page -actually tells about the change, but Mozilla is working on testing new New Tab Page. Here enhanced presets show following customization for the new tab page

Enhanced= all, means NTP contains

  • enhanced images
  • search box
  • tiles
  • messaging/explanation area

Classic preset shows Search + tiles (current one)

Blank=empty NTP.

You can see enhanced tiles in live action here.