How to Remove Dropbox from Yahoo Mail. A year back, Yahoo has integrated Dropbox into their Mail service which allows users to save large attachments they received and users also can attach files from Dropbox as well. After linking Dropbox and Yahoo Mail accounts, you’ll be automatically signed into the File Sharing site for using in YMail, now for some reasons, if you want to remove Dropbox from YMail, here is how you can do that. 

linking Yahoo Mail and Dropbox accounts

Unlinking Dropbox and Yahoo Mail accounts

1. Sign into Yahoo Mail,

2. Click on Compose, now click on ^ icon next to the attachment icon to see attachment options, and from the drop down, select ‘Share from Dropbox’

3. Click on your Dropbox username, and select ‘Sign out and unlink’.

Or uninstalling Yahoo Mail app from Dropbox also helps. To do that,

1. Sign into Dropbox, visit the Account Settings page and click on ‘Security’ tab or visit this URL

2. Scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see all apps you’ve linked to Dropbox, for Yahoo Mail app, click on ‘x’ to uninstall it from Dropbox.