If you’re a user, who spends most of the time updating browsers, programs and downloading files, then you likely to encounter lots of pop-ups from Norton Security with Download Intelligence feature in it, that can be annoying. In Norton Security 2015, by default Download Intelligence feature is enabled, which notifies you about safety and reputation of downloads and helps you in deciding whether downloads are safe to install or not.

For instance, when Firefox downloads and tries to install update when you restart the browser, it shows a pop-upupdater.exe is safe‘ in the lower-right corner of the screen (check the screenshot below), when you click’ view details’ in the pop-up, it opens ‘File Insight’ window and displays detailed information about it (if available) like developers of that file, version number, how may Norton community users used it, whether it is a startup item or not, its Origin and Activity.

Norton popup particular exe safe

If you don’t want to see these pop-ups, you can turn them off , here is how you can do that.

How to Prevent or Stop Performance Tasks from being Run by Norton Security 2015?

Turning off pop-ups shown by Download Intelligence in Norton Security

1. Open Norton Security interface

2. Click on Security > Advanced, which opens ‘advanced window’ with all the security features Norton product offers, and lets you turn them on or off.

3. Under ‘Web’ (Protection ) options, move On/Off switch for ‘Download Intelligence’ to right to turn it ‘Off’, the Protection Alert dialog comes up saying turning off this feature reduces your system protection, choose ‘permanently’ for Select the duration, and click ‘OK’.

disabling Norton Download intelligence

To turn the feature back again, follow the steps above and move the switch to left for the feature, which shows ‘On’.

Have you found those popups useful? Or Annoying? Let us know in the comments.