Following Chrome, Opera too has added search box to the Start Page, useful for novice users as they may not know they can search from address bar too in Opera. But advanced users find it quite annoying, but they can easily get rid of it.

Opera 23 final has been released for Windows and Mac, (Opera 24 will offer the Linux version) and available for download. Opera Desktop team tweaks Heart icon at the end of the address bar, which now lets you add a page to Speed Dial or bookmarks bar.

Opera Introduces Tab Preview Feature in Developer 24

When you open a New Tab or Speed Dial page in this version, you can notice Google Search bar above the Speed Dials, it takes some space. If you find it not necessary, you can hide it, here is how.

Google Search box Speed Dial Opera 23

Removing or hiding the Google Search bar in Opera 23 on Speed Dial Page 

1. Visit Settings, make sure the cursor is not in the ‘Search Settings’ field

2. Enter Konami Code to enable and access Power User Settings, after turning them on, select Power user setting ‘Hide the search box in the Speed Dial’ .

Hope you find this tip useful. Which features you like to see in future versions of Opera? Share with us in the comments.