You could be surprised by the number of plugins Foxit Reader loads when you open it. Whether all these Foxit Plug-ins are necessary? May be not?. We’ve covered that Foxit Reader installs Foxit Cloud and Cloud Reading plugin and how to remove them (read in more detail what is Foxit Cloud Reading Service). To see all the plugins of Foxit Reader, open it, click on Help>Select ‘about Foxit Plug-ins’ which opens Foxit Plug-ins platform, that shows all the installed plug-ins including their status whether they’re certified or loaded and lets you manage them.

installed and loaded Plug-ins in foxit Reader

How to Fix Foxit Reader’s Script Error in Windows 8.1

Disabling Foxit Reader Plugins

Select a plugin to see more information about it, for instance, when you select ‘FoxitInner Facebook’ plugin, which provides integration with Facebook, lets you share the PDF file to Facebook wall right from the Reader. To use this plugin, right-click on any page in document and select ‘Share current document’.

If you think this plugin is not needed, select the plugin and click on the disable button , restart the program for the changes to take effect.

Warning: For normal operation of this PDF application, some plugins needs to be loaded and running, like the Foxit Plug-in Platform plugin and Foxit Update Plugin. You should not disable or uninstall some plugins, unless you experience issues with them.

Troubleshooting Foxit Reader Uninstall Issues

Note: About Foxit Plug-ins dialog window or the Foxit Plug-ins platform doesn’t offer the disable button for all plug-ins, for instance, FoxitInnerPluginFoxitCloud aka Foxit Cloud Plugin is an example of that, but you already know we can uninstall or remove it using Control Panel’s Programs and Features.