The Pages that warn you when you visit malware and Phishing sites have been changed by the Chromium team in Chrome, you can see the new ones currently on Canary and Dev. channels when you visit this (for Malware warning page) and this (phishing warning page) test pages in the browser. Whenever you encounter these warnings while browsing, you should click on ‘Back to Safety’ button showed in the page.

Chrome new phishing and malware warning pages

FYI, Chrome uses Safe Browsing feature to check each page you visit against a list of constantly malware and phishing pages and warns you when you encounter any malicious or suspected phishing site. Chrome saves this list locally on your computer.

Safe browsing  feature with name ‘Malware and Phishing Protection’ is enabled by default in Chrome which you can view in Settings and you shouldn’t disable it. Firefox and Safari browsers use Google’s Safe browsing feature.

Firefox to Stop Sending Google’s Cookie when Sending Requests for Safe Browsing API

Note: You can see the old ones in stable or beta versions by vising links mentioned above.

What’s your take on the new design of these warning pages? Let me know your opinion in the comments.