When you try to uninstall Google Chrome, you may get a dialog from the browser suggesting you to ‘Please close all Google Chrome windows and try again‘. Let us see how to fix this which after lets you remove Google browser.

close all chrome windows dialog

Fixing error ‘Please close all Google Chrome windows and try again’

1. First things first, make sure no background app or pages of Chrome are running, if any, close them and also ensure ‘continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed’ setting under ‘System’ in Settings  doesn’t have a tick, if it has, uncheck it.

2. Now open Task Manager, if you see more than one Chrome process running, right click on a process and select ‘End Process Tree’.

3. If steps 1 or 2 or both don’t help, then follow this one.

Download and install Unlocker in your computer.

How to Close the Unresponsive Tab in Google Chrome

Navigate to ‘ C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome’, right click on ‘User Data’ folder and select ‘Unlocker’, which shows all running Chrome processes, click on ‘Unlock All’ button.

How to Fix”The device ‘Generic volume’ cannot be stopped right now “

Now try to uninstall Chrome again, hope this time you may not get the dialog shown above.