In May, Dropbox team has started testing 2.9 series builds with the Streaming Sync feature, get ready! The stable version is coming soon for this build as file syncing site today has made available Release Candidate for Dropbox 2.10.0.

Dropbox now offering the option to disable ‘Move to Dropbox’ Context Menu Item

What is Streaming Sync? How it speeds up large files synchronization?

Till now, when you upload a file to Dropbox, it won’t be synchronized until it’s completely uploaded to the servers. With the new version, desktop clients using the same Dropbox account on computers starts to download that file in the background as it being uploaded to the Dropbox servers.

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This version lets you scroll through all recently changed files shown (now more than three) on the tray pop-up menu.

Download Dropbox 2.10.0 RC