Whenever your system gets infected with malware, it doesn’t allow anti-malware (Chameleon technology helps users to run Malwarebytes in those situations) or antiviruses to run by showing continuous pop-ups. dBug is a freeware portable tool from Foolish IT, which tries to remove startup entries of malware and restarts your computer, after the restart and removing malware with the removal tools you need to undo changes made by the Foolish IT tool so that you can run legitimate apps you regularly use on your computer.

Remove Auto-start entries of Malware in Windows with a Tool from Foolish IT

Note: dBug doesn’t clean the malware.

This tool developer says "dBug removes Windows auto-start entries and restricts executable from running in common malware hiding places, then it restarts Windows. The idea is that the malware cannot load after a restart, and from there you can use removal tools or processes to locate and remove the malware."

How to Restore your Computer Security Settings to default

Using dBug

1. Download the zip file, extract its contents to a folder and keep running dBug.exe until system restarts, once system gets restarted use malware removal tools,

2. After removing malware, run dBug_Undo and reboot your computer so that you can run apps you regularly use.

Check the video of dBug on YouTube.com.

Note: dBug doesn’t cleans the malware and it doesn’t terminates Windows processes as rkill does.

Download dBug

Caution: Save your work and close any windows or browsers before running this tool, and don’t run this on a system that is virus or malware-free.

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