Avast Browser Cleanup Tool which is available in Avast and as standalone version removes browser toolbars and add-ons from browsers that have a poor reputation. If you’ve set Google as default search engine and home page for Internet Explorer browser on your computer and when you run Browser Cleanup tool, if it finds and shows any add-on in IE, which has poor reputation, to remove it, it asks to select and set either Bing or Yahoo as default search provider and homepage (check the screenshot below) which currently is annoying most Avast users (including me).

Avast Browser Cleanup asks to choose default search provider and homepage to remove an add-on

Caution : Don’t try to uninstall IDM add-on in IE with Avast Browser Cleanup, if you do, it removes IDM program from your computer.

In the above screenshot, the extension declared as a bad one by Avast BC is IDM Integration (IDMIEHlprObj Class). If you’ve gone ahead and removed the IDM Integration Browser Helper Object after changing Search engine and homepage, then what happens behind the scenes is this tool completely removes files in IDM directory, its almost equals to uninstalling IDM. You’ve to reinstall IDM again, I experienced this in my computer.

Fix ‘IDM cannot find 4 file(s) that are necessary for browser and system integration. Please reinstall IDM’

Conclusion: Don’t remove add-ons by relying solely on Browser Cleanup Tool, if you do that, you’ll end up in trouble.

AVG Browser Configuration Tool Removes AVG Secure Search, AVG Toolbar and Restores Browser default Settings