Started your computer and noticed unsecapp.exe process running on Task Manager which you’ve not seen before, its not accidental that after installing Avast this process runs, spotted and reported by many users in various forums recently. In fact, its Avast (if installed) which is using unsecapp.exe that has description Sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client.

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When you right click on this process and select ‘open fie location’, you can see it running from C:\Windows\System32\wbem directory. This file belongs to Microsoft and it’s a legitimate one, you don’t need to worry, its not a virus or Trojan.

unsecapp.exe process

To make sure this process is not malware, do a scan with Antivirus and Malwarebytes anti-malware, and also upload to VirusTotal and see the results. You don’t even need to visit VT, download and run Process Explorer, click on Options,>select check Now you can see scan results for all processes in VirusTotal column.

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Should I disable unsecapp.exe?

You shouldn’t disable this process, it is required to run WMI, which may be needed by other applications running on your computer.

unsecapp location

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According to Microsoft

The Unsecapp.exe application is used in the communication of two computers and this program starts automatically in Windows vista. The Unsecapp.exe application is used to send results back to a client in a process that may not have permissions to be a DCOM service. Both scripting and the Microsoft .NET System Management namespace rely on the Unsecapp.exe application to receive the results of asynchronous operations.

If you’re not using Avast, other application you’re using on your system may be using unsecapp.exe. Leaving it running does no harm to your computer.

We don’t know why this AV is using this process, when we do know officially from Avast, we’ll let you know here.