The Opera desktop team has implemented Power User Settings in Opera 19, now available in Opera 23 as well. Opera software hasn’t talked much about this, perhaps they don’t want you to play with those, as they might damage your browser. However, if you want to enable them in Opera, here is how to do hat.

Resetting Opera Settings to its default

Enabling Power User Settings in Opera

1.  Visit opera://settings page

2. Make sure the mouse cursor is not in the search box under Settings,

3. Now type ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → b a

4.  Opera shows a power user settings dialog, and warns you ‘these settings are hidden for a reason, they can severely mess up browser and we can take no responsibility or performance of the product after proceeding. "

5. You’ve read that, now click on "I, understand , Proceed’ (you find this similar to entering about:config in Firefox).

Opera Power User Settings welcome dialog

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After turning on, these will be disabled after a reload or restart of the browser. To always see the Power User Settings on Settings page, after enabling, select ‘always show power user settings’, so that you don’t need to type the Konami code again.

Using these power user settings, you can able to

  • Hide the search box in Speed dial
  • Adjust speed dial thumbnail width and height

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Note: Opera Advanced Settings and Power User Settings are different.