After launching Linux on Developer platform, today Opera Software has introduced cool new Tab Preview feature (available for Windows, Mac and Linux). This feature gets activated when you mouse hover on a tab or switch between the tabs using the keyboard Shortcut, for instance, you can use the Ctrl+Tab shortcut on Windows for that.

"Too many tabs opened? Tab preview helps you open the tab you’re looking for because it gives you a peek into each page, making it easier for you to switch from tab to tab." Rafał Chłodnicki  said in Opera Desktop team blog.

Opera 24 Developer showing Preview for a tab

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Tab Preview is useful for a quick look at the already opened Gmail or Facebook tab without switching to that tab.

Annoyances: Some users don’t like big preview shown in the tab, and if you’ve delayed loading of background tabs, this feature fails for some, and shows a grey window for those tabs with the message ‘preview is currently unavailable’, which is kind of annoying.

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How to disable or turn off Tab Preview in Opera 24 Developer?

1. Visit opera://flags/#tab-preview page

2. Select Disabled, (by default, it’s set to Enabled) and relaunch the browser for the changes to take effect.

Download Opera Developer .