Letting the users to import settings and data from other browsers (specially the default browser) when installed through import wizard, or other option is ok, but silent importing?. Latest Opera Developer build 23.0.1522.0 does exactly that without consent of the user or not giving chance for him to choose which to import and which not.

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Opera’s Silent Import may be not a good idea?

" We want the conversion from other browsers to Opera to be as convenient as possible, and with this build we’re doing a silent import on first run (or if you have an empty profile). "Przemek Kudła said in Opera desktop team blog.

What this means, upon installing this Opera build, it will automatically find the default browser and adds passwords, cookies, history, and bookmarks of it to Opera.

"The feature looks up your current default browser, and then imports passwords, cookies, history and bookmarks to get you up and running with Opera without having to start from scratch." he added.

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Opera Bookmark Importer showing imported bookmarks from default Chrome

Viewing Imported bookmarks from default browser in Opera using Bookmark Importer 

Opera does them silently and its magic or what?.

1.  From the Opera menu, select Bookmark Importer which lets you import bookmarks as speed dial items or to the bookmarks bar.

2. Click on ‘Convert to Speedi dial’ or ‘import to the bookmarks bar’.

3. Latter is preferred by most, click on it, Bookmark importer shows all the bookmarks needed to import, click on desired ones to import, tedious process, isn’t it?.

Download Opera Developer 23.0.1522.

Note: If you’re already using dev stream, it might have  automatically updated to the newest version by now, you don’t need to manually download and install this update, select ‘about Opera’ from Menu to confirm.

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