We’ve already covered about Adobe Reader processes AdobeARM.exe and reader_sl.exe, these run on startup automatically. armsvc.exe is another process related to the Adobe PDF Program, which will be used when needed by the Updater, if you’ve enabled automatic updates for the application. You can notice this process running in Task Manager with a description Adobe Acrobat Update Service.

How to disable Automatic Updates of Adobe Reader X

What is armsvc.exe?

When you install Adobe Reader on your computer, it installs armsvc.exe as a Windows service for the Updater. This service helps Updater to install updates silently in the background.

Without this service, the user will be prompted with a UAC dialog when the update process is going on. FYI, Updater automatically checks every three days for updates of the Reader. It’s the Updater, which runs this service, and this service can be stopped or disabled, see the instructions below for doing that.

arsmsvc.exe process runnning in taskmanager

Disabling or stopping armsvc.exe

1. Open Run command and type services.msc and press enter

2.  Find and select ‘Adobe Acrobat Update Service’, double click on it to bring up its properties, click on Stop and set it’s Startup type as Disabled.

3. Click on ‘OK’ button to apply the changes and close the services console.